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“Keeping the Faith With Morrie” celebrates the life and cartoon artistry of African-American cartoonist Morrie Turner. At the summit of the Civil Rights Movement in America circa 1965, Turner dared to show children of different ethnic groups working together to solve problems in his nationally-syndicated comic strip WEE PALS; an altruistic aim to bring this country together during civil unrest through the medium of cartooning. With Morrie Turner as the centerpiece of the film, we will chronicle the untold history of minority cartoonists; revealing their cartoon art, professional triumphs, artistic influences, and other defining information. Moreover, the film will outline the parallels between racial struggles in America and ethnic images in comics.

There is universal appeal for Morrie's story. Morrie's story will attract everyone who has a dream to make a difference with their talent. Obviously, African Americans will feel a special sense of pride. Morrie's story of perseverance will inspire all communities of colors as well as up-and-coming artists will be encouraged to fulfill their dreams. My goal in producing this documentary is to air it on PBS. It is appropriate for public television because the subject matter has never been explored and is valuable information to a general audience. In addition, I have an outreach plan to place the documentary in schools, libraries, and museums.

Heaven Sent Productions has produced an outreach program promoting Morrie Turner’s message of personal responsibility and tolerance towards ethnic diversity for children. The program is designed to encourage and inspire children to become conscientious, goal-oriented citizens. Additionally, it teaches children that multiculturalism is a concept to embrace, not fear. Our program will demonstrate how cultural differences accentuate the beauty of humanity. A “Keep the Faith Tour” with Morrie Turner and Angel Harper will travel across the country stopping in six major cities with actors bringing the WEE PALS characters to life. The actors will perform life lesson sketches which includes the importance of teamwork. The tour will visit children’s museums, schools, and libraries.

Pending the needed capital, as a spin-off to our documentary film project, we will produce a panel titled “Minority Pioneers in the History of the Comics.” The purpose of the panel has multiple objectives: (1) to honor unsung minority cartoonists who have contributed to the history of the comics; (2) to provide a forum for them to share their creative experiences and career stories; and (3) to educate the concerned public and professional cartoonist society, thus promoting a cultural and intellectual exchange among them.

In tandem to our film project, we are trying to secure the syndicated return of the WEE PALS characters as a half-hour cartoon animated television/cable program. In 1972, classic animation production team Rankin-Bass Productions, Inc. adapted Turner’s Wee Pals comic strip to an animated cartoon and renamed it Kid Power. This half-hour cartoon series was a part of ABC Television Network’s Saturday morning program line-up. In same vein as Turner’s strip the cartoon series had an ethnically diverse group of kids, collectively called the Rainbow Club, working together to solve problems. A pilot to re-introduce Turner’s WEE PALS cartoon series is in the early developmental stage by Heaven Sent Productions under the working title Power Squad!