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About the “Keep the Faith Tour” Outreach Program

“Keep The Faith” was an original slogan coined by Morrie Turner several years before Reverend Jesse Jackson’s introduction of the slogan during the Civil Rights era. The significance of Morrie’s version will be realized in a tangible way for children to experience him and his altruistic beliefs firsthand.

The Outreach program will be designed as an educational resource to:

(1) Provoke students to give serious thought to their vocational options

(2) Teach children the importance of teamwork

(3) And to exercise their receptivity towards diversity

We will contact schools, community centers, and children’s museums in six major cities across the country (i.e.: New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta) to implement our outreach program. The program includes screening an abbreviated version of our documentary film “Keeping the Faith With Morrie;” a film about Morrie Turner’s hard road to fame and the history of minority cartoonists in America. Morrie Turner will attend the screenings to present his famous Chalk Talk, and give an inspirational talk about the importance of pursuing your dream and the value of diversity and tolerance in the 21st century. A group activity will be assigned to teach children how to work and problem-solve together which is a dominant thread in Turner’s WEE PALS comic strips.

Funding for the program permits us to travel with Mr. Turner and bring the WEE PALS characters to life using actors. They will perform sketches about the importance of teamwork, respecting each other’s differences, and select scenes from his musical adaptation of WEE PALS; Turner wrote the musical, a tuneful tribute to harmony among people, with playwright and director Ole Kittleson in 1979.

Complimentary copies of the documentary film will be donated to the following institutions:

  • San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum

  • Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa, California

  • African American Museum of Oakland, California

  • Cartoon Research Library at Ohio State University

  • The Carter G. Woodson Regional Branch of the Chicago Library (Vivian Harsh Collection of Afro-American History)


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