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The role of African Americans and other Cartoonist of color in the field of cartooning is unrecognized. Heaven Sent Productions intends to change this. What better man to start with than Morrie Turner! Filming Morrie's life story and his contributions will be valuable to the cartoon industry.

Throughout its history, the growth and strength of the United States has been enhanced by individuals who have, at times, been seen as operating "outside of the box." Those individuals may be described as everything from "ahead of their time" to "cutting edge." Morrie Turner, the first major African American cartoonist, is definitely one of those individuals. I love Morrie Turner. He personally inspires me. Once this documentary is completed he will be a source of motivation to all people of color.

In November 2004, he received the History Maker Award in Los Angeles, California for his contribution to the Cartoon industry. Morrie’s comic strip expresses his dream for this country’s social and political climate: as the melting pot it was meant to be.

His "Wee Pals" children, created against the backdrop of the turbulent sixties, was the first multicultural syndicated comic strip. Morrie's story will cover a time when racial harmony was unheard of, and accents the unfolding of our cultural acceptance of one another.

No time would be more propitious than now to complete this story. Viewers that saw a 30 minute rough cut were moved by Morrie’s use of humor to promote his message of racial harmony (stating he was like Bill Cosby in telling his stories) His talent and humility are engaging.

As an Afro-Cuban, American woman and animation voice actress, I feel incredibly close to this project. My familiarity with the intended audience gives me confidence that I can properly address this subject. The film’s natural audience of artists and people of color-of all ages-are bound to be affected by Morrie's ideals for pursuing his dreams.

Morrie has a dynamic screen presence, which compels everyone to listen and learn. Reading his life story will not have the same impact as seeing it on film, illustrated by the man himself along with his friends, family and colleagues. The immediacy of film will serve to put Morrie “up front and personal.”

My goal in producing this documentary is to air it on PBS. It is appropriate for public television because the subject matter has never been explored and is valuable information to a general audience. In addition, I have an outreach plan to place the documentary in schools and libraries.

There is universal appeal for Morrie's story. Unless there is a language barrier, this documentary will not be limited geographically. Morrie's story will attract everyone who has a dream to make a difference with their talent. Obviously, African Americans will feel a special sense of pride. We will incorporate the multi-ethnic Wee Pals characters throughout the documentary-to broaden the appeal. The characters represent members of 16 different cultural backgrounds. Rainbow Power brings hope and an important message for our children. Morrie's story of perseverance will inspire all communities of colors well as up-and-coming artists will be encouraged to fulfill their dreams.

The film will renew interest in an updated version of the "Wee Pals" comic strip as an animated series. Morrie's life journey of faith and determination will be available for everyone to benefit for their own voyage in life.